Employee List

Please call 785-672-3251 and dial the extension you wish to reach. 
Matthew M. Engel, President & CEO
Ext. 211
Zachry Broeckelman, Senior Vice President, Loans
Ext. 206
Susan Glassman, Vice President, Cashier, HR Manager, Security Officer, IRAs
Ext. 213
Henry Sloan, Vice President, Loans
Ext. 210
Megan Stephenson, Assistant Vice President, Consumer Loans, Home Loans
Ext. 207
Shawna Allison, Assistant Vice President, Consumer Loans, Personal Banker
Ext. 209
Shilea Bertrand, Loan Operations and Compliance
Ext. 205
Kelsey Fink, Loan Operations, Personal BankerExt. 204
Merabeth Riggs, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Electronic Banking
Ext. 214
Kyla Mader, Personal BankerExt. 203
Leasa Huddle, Personal BankerExt. 212
Paula Cabrera, Personal BankerExt. 202
Corbin Myers, Assistant Vice PresidentExt. 201
Brooke Baalman, Assistant Vice PresidentExt. 208
Jill Prewo, Bookkeeping, Teller, Drive-Up Window
Ext. 219
Pam Kahle, Bookkeeping, New Accounts, IRAsExt. 220